Control your users' experience with powerful tools.

Feature Flags

Turn On/Off features without deploying. Use lists to give specific users a feature. Safely rollout new features with % rollouts.

Percentage & Multi-Variate

Turn on/off features for a percentage of your users. Have multiple versions of a flag for A/B Testing.

Ship & Rollout Slowly

Safely ramp up traffic to new features slowly without deploying code.


Add anything with a unique ID to white or black lists to control who sees what.

Client or Server Side

Easily use feature flags in your Front-End Website, Mobile App, and Back-End Server Code.

Target Mobile App Versions

Turn features on/off for specific mobile app versions.


Target your Test or Staging Environments for testing. Then choose Production to show users.

Slack Integration

Never miss when a feature flag or marketing message is changed AND who did it.


Know how many users got which version of a flag.

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